UPBOND, in addition to its collaboration with Polygon, begins working with Dentsu Digital for social implementation of Web3.

(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shun Mizuoka; hereinafter "UPBOND"), one of Japan's largest digital marketing companies, has signed a business alliance agreement with Dentsu Digital Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Soichi Kawakami; hereinafter "Dentsu Digital"), the largest digital marketing company in Japan, to support the DX activities of numerous companies.

Recently, there has been a growing need to create new businesses in the Web3 domain, mainly using blockchain technology, and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) services are expanding, and companies are looking at this as a new business opportunity under the new concept of shifting control of personal information and data from companies to individuals. Companies are also looking at this as a new business opportunity. On the other hand, many companies do not know how to implement this new technology in their business activities.

Against this backdrop, this collaboration will utilize Web3 technologies to speed up the PoC of new businesses at client companies, and provide consistent solutions for commercialization after the PoC.
UPBOND is a partnership between Polygon and Ethereum, which boasts one of the largest ecosystems in Web3. The UPBOND Wallet can be used on the Polygon blockchain, which is almost the same environment as Ethereum, one of the largest Web3 ecosystems, enabling speedy and concrete support for the provision of Web3 services.

Dentsu Digital has a proven track record in DX and CX (customer experience) transformation consulting for client companies. This time, under the theme of "social implementation of Web3," Dentsu Digital will support the creation of new experience value in the Web3 domain through collaboration with UPBOND, which develops services based on the UPBOND Wallet product, a tool for holding and managing cryptographic assets such as NFT and virtual currencies.

Through this business alliance, Dentsu Digital and UPBOND will further strengthen their support for clients' Web3 businesses. UPBOND will also receive support from Polygon Studios in the areas of business development and technology, and will contribute to accelerating the penetration of Web3 into Japanese society.

Details of partnerships

-Support for PoC and launch of new Web3 business for client companies
-Collaborative development of Web3 platform/service
-Collaborative promotion of Web3 awareness, dissemination, discovery of synergies, promotion of collaboration, and launch of consortiums

A message from Kelly DiGregorio, VP of Entertainment at Polygon Studios, on this business partnership

Polygon is committed to building a better world through collaboration, and we look forward to seeing more Web3 projects emerge from Japan, driven by Dentsu's understanding of the Japanese market and its ability to connect people and ideas. I look forward to seeing more Web3 projects emerge from Japan, driven by Dentsu's understanding of the Japanese market and its ability to connect people and ideas.

About Polygon
Polygon is the leading protocol for Web3, providing a powerful, low-cost, secure and sustainable blockchain.

About Dentsu Digital

As one of the largest digital marketing companies in Japan, we formulate and execute next-generation marketing strategies using data and technology, design and build IT platforms that serve as the foundation for these strategies, and support our clients' business innovation DX consulting and other services. In close partnership with domestic and overseas companies, we contribute to our clients' business growth through our advanced expertise and integration capabilities.


Provides Wallet products for Web3. We have developed a Wallet with overwhelming UI/UX that consumers can easily use, and are currently promoting a co-creation project that fully utilizes Web3 with major companies in the IP industry, construction industry, retail industry, and other advanced initiatives.
UPBOND's Wallet product mediates the relationship between a company and an individual (BOND UPBOND aims to essentially UPDATE the relationship between companies and individuals (BOND) through the UPBOND Wallet product.

UPBOND x Polygon Project Results

Craft and Earn" Desktop Army NFT project, where users can create 3D figures as secondary production
(Presentation materials on November 25, 2022)

"City Pop TOKYO" project, where NFTs are treated as talent and can participate in production (Presentation materials on October 20, 2022)
(Announced on October 20, 2022)

Limited edition NFT cards using Polygon chain for visitors to Tokyo Joypolis Limited NFT cards will be given as gifts to visitors to Tokyo Joypolis.
(Announced on August 23, 2022)