Social Implementation of Web 3.0

While DX is progressing in Japanese industry, even more advanced technologies and ways of thinking are emerging around the world.
Web 3.0," "NFT," "Smart Contract," "DAO," etc., are all creating a wave of major change around the world.

While overseas, the influx of human resources to Web 3.0 companies and the birth of unicorn companies have already been recognized as a major market, Japan is lagging far behind.

Every day I feel that the Web 3.0 domain is an area that needs to be tackled with enthusiasm and a desire for the success of the industry. At the same time, I feel that making changes in society and aiming for the world is no ordinary task.

That is why we are still looking for many diverse colleagues. We have many internal challenges and room for growth.
I also believe that taking on and overcoming these challenges in a positive manner is the best part of being a startup.

If you have the will to change society and the desire to bet in this area,
is looking forward to your entry from the bottom of our heart!


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Connecting Data and Connecting Happiness

information so that it is equal and fair to all stakeholders. By organizing and integrating siloed and diverse data, UPBOND will continue to create happiness for customers and users.



The values and decision criteria that the members believe are necessary to achieve the Vision.

Respect For One

We believe that innovation occurs when various people bring various ideas to the table and continue to think about them. It is important to maintain respect for diversity. We will continue to pursue the direction that customers, businesses, organizations, and individuals are heading in, with respect and appreciation, and on an equal footing.

Where The Will Is

Having the will and achieving results in a world of uncertainty has a positive impact not only on the individual, but also on the team. We aim to achieve our mission by taking ownership and responsibility for our own work and committing to results and performance.

Quick & Action

It is important to continue to take on numerous challenges, learn from our mistakes, and link them to results and outcomes. To achieve this, both the individual and the team will grow by thinking and pursuing speed and volume of action. All members of the team will pursue results and achievements while thinking about what is necessary and required for success.

Open Communication

For individuals and teams to remain professional, it is important to trust each other and continue to communicate transparently. We continue to share knowledge for individual and team growth and to pursue greater success.

Love in Data

Instead of treating data as mere numbers, by deciphering the "human movements" and "emotions" within the data, we can incorporate them into actions that will lead to people's emotions in any decision-making process.

Honesty > Humility

Being honest with everyone allows for fast decision making and rational action. Continuously thinking toward success on an equal footing at all times leads to individual and team growth. We will continue to challenge ourselves by always being grateful and considerate.